Wynberg Girls’ High School follows the CAPS Curriculum (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) which leads to the National Senior Certificate. The maximum class size is 30 although some classes are considerably smaller, particularly in the senior grades where there is a wide choice of subjects.

Grade 8 & 9 Academic Subjects

General Education and Training Band

  • English Home Language

  • Afrikaans or isiXhosa

  • Social Sciences (Geography and History)

  • Mathematics

  • Natural Sciences

  • Life Orientation

  • Creative Arts (Drama and Art, Dance or Music)

  • French (Second Language)

  • EMS (Economic and Management Sciences)

  • Technology

  • Digital Media Technology

All girls in Grades 8 and 9 take Digital Media Technologies and some take French as a
second additional language, while others take a general enrichment course.

Grade 10, 11 & 12 Academic Subjects

Further Education and Training Band

  • English Home Language

  • Afrikaans or isiXhosa

  • Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy

  • Life Orientation

Three elective subjects chosen from the following list according to school timetable groups:

  • Physical Sciences

  • Life Sciences

  • History

  • Geography

  • Accounting

  • CAT (Computer Applications Technology)

  • Dance Studies

  • Consumer Studies

  • Visual Arts

  • Music

Some learners choose to take an extra subject either at school or through another institution
– extra subjects can be discussed with our Academic Counsellor.


Wynberg Girls’ High School has an outstanding record of academic achievement at all levels, and we are particularly proud of our matric results over the years. The table shows the NSC results since the inception of the CAPS curriculum.





Total Candidates




Total Subject Distinctions




No. of Distinctions per Candidate




% Bachelor Pass




% Pass




Enrichment Opportunities

Cambridge University AS Levels courses in English and History: We are unique in offering these courses in Grade 11 and girls are selected at the end of Grade 10.

Advanced Programme Mathematics: Girls in Grades 9 to 12 may take Advanced Programme Mathematics as an extra subject. Lessons are taught in the afternoons at school by our teachers under the auspices of the AdMaths organisation.

French Second Additional Language: This optional course runs in the Grade 8 and 9 years and 30 girls are accepted to study French.

Olympiads & Quizzes: WGHS girls enter olympiads and competitions in a range of subjects such as Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Accounting and Consumer Studies. We also enter various quizzes covering both general knowledge and current affairs.

Teaching Staff

Teachers are well-qualified subject specialists who are passionate about their subjects and who engage in continuous professional development in order to keep abreast of the latest developments in their subjects as well as in education in the wider sense.

Women of Worth

While passing examinations well is important, we also believe in preparing our learners for tertiary studies and for adult life in general. The best aspects of traditional teaching methods are combined with discussions, independent research and group work in order for our learners to develop essential life skills.


We have an Academic Support programme which takes place three times a week. The support is offered by specially selected senior learners and is supervised by a teacher. We also offer extra classes in Languages and Mathematics (and other subjects in the senior grades) by teachers of the subject.